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Every online casino advertisement features bonuses and attractive promises that are enticing enough to create new sign ups. One of the phrases that you are likely to  stumble across  is “free spins”.

20 Free Spins No Deposit at Casumo Casino

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What are Free spins?

With that said, free spins sound really enticing, right? Yes. This is because they are free rounds that earn you real winnings. You are allowed by the casino to spin rounds at a game or play slots without paying anything and getting the chance to actually win from them. If your risk appetite is low, then free spins in casinos were made for people like you.

Casumo casino offers several free spins. They include:

No Deposit Free Spins: This is a welcome to players the Casumo way. Upon signing up, the player gets 20 free spins without making any deposit. This allows them to play 20 rounds without wagering your own money. You might want to use this as you get to know your way around casino.

Deposit Free Spins: At Casumo casino, you not only get a matching percentage bonus to your first deposit but you also get 180 free spins on your first deposit up to $50.

The total amount of your free spins when you are a new player can amount to 200 free spins and their availability is spread out so that you can use 20 free spins daily for up to 10 days. At Casumo casino,  your free spins will not limit you to a specific game because they are offered for different slots, giving you a chance to try your favorite slots.

Wagering Requirements

It is hard to just get money for free, right? Otherwise, casinos would soon be out of business. To avoid that, they have certain rules that a player must meet before they cash out their winnings from free spins. That is what wagering requirements are all about.

Lucky enough, Casumo casino has arguably the lowest wagering requirements. For you to access the winnings from your free spins, you will have to wager 30 times so that you can make a withdrawal. However, if you are a regular player, you might not need to wager your winnings after all. Why? Sometimes Casumo casino rewards its special players with wager-free free spins but they can only access them using the codes that they will be given by the casino.

Mobile Free spins

Casumo lives up to technology and has made it possible for you to play wherever you are. Not only can you access a variety of games but you can also access free spins on your phone or any mobile device. As long as the games you want to play are compatible with your mobile device, then with Casumo casino, there will be nothing stopping you from using your free slots.

Free Spins Games

You might be wondering if the free spins apply to all the games. At Casumo casino, the free spins are normally game specific and they are available for a variety of games. They include starburst, Twinspin, Guns and Roses among other games offered by Netent.

As long as you read the terms and conditions well to understand all the rules behind the free spins, nothing should stop you from trying them out at Casumo casino.

Every online casino advertisement features bonuses and attractive promises that are enticing enough to create new sign ups. One of the Phrases that you are likely to  stumble across  is “free spins”.

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