Leo Vegas Casino Review

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Review of Leo Vegas Online Casino Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only! Online gaming is an industry that has grown dramatically over...

Review of Leo Vegas Online Casino

Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only!

Online gaming is an industry that has grown dramatically over the last few years with a large number of entrants working to both distinguish and establish themselves as the best online casinos available. Where brick and mortar buildings may only compete for the favour of thousands, online casinos are striving to win over millions of players. To this end, Leo Vegas was founded in 2011, coming online in 2012 with a uniquely different focus from other casinos. Instead of just attempting to force the emulation of a casino into the online sphere, Leo Vegas has had an unwavering goal of utilising the benefits and advantages of the mobile world to bring the casino to us.

Since the initial launch in 2012, Leo Vegas Casino has come a long way. While originally being praised for its innovation and then their mobile gaming system in 2014, after listening to suggestions from members, Leo Vegas swept in a number of awards through 2015 and 2016 for their mobile and online casino operations. Currently, Leo Vegas stands as one of the top online gaming offerings across the European continent.

When You Visit Leo Vegas Casino

The World Wide Web is a hard place to break into and along with huge technological improvements have come a significant rise in what people expect from an interactive website. Fortunately, Leo Vegas has paid attention to the times and avoided the clunky and unintuitive interfaces sometimes developed by competitors. The site is streamlined and their web design is built with a focus on showcasing the games rather than distracting from them. On top of the relatively clean interface, Leo Vegas goes with a fairly pleasant colour scheme of orange on white that remains consistent across the casino and is surprisingly easy on the eyes.

All in all, the user experience feels fresh and snappy, and navigating to where you want to be is refreshingly straightforward. Given how much web design has evolved in just a few short years it will be interesting to see how well they remain on the cutting edge, but for now, the aesthetic and functionality of their design is excellent.

Bonuses and Promotions at Leo Vegas Casino

The games may be the main course, but free spins and free bets are the frosting on top of any casino dessert. Leo Vegas, of course, does not disappoint with their welcome offering, including their no deposit bonus for players that want to get a feel before diving into the games. First off, the deposit bonus is 50 spins and an exceptional sum of money, coming in at £1,500 of matched money from the first four deposits. There are a few distinctions between the deposit matches, being split into a progression of £100 on the first, £500 on the following two, and then rounded off with £400 matched on the fourth deposit. They further pair the warm welcome with an additional 200 spins, providing a significant amount of free entertainment just for stepping into their casino.

Players who want to take things a little slower are not ignored, and their no deposit bonus is quite reasonable. Upon registering, players still get the 50 free spins to explore the games as well as a 200% bonus and saving the 200 free spins for the first deposit. This way players still receive free bets regardless of their first few deposits.

Leo Vegas Casino, in the Mobile

From the very beginning of the casino, Leo Vegas wanted to focus on the opportunities presented by mobile gaming and it shows. They have designed a smooth user interface that is smartly optimised for mobile devices while making sure that it is compatible with any Apple or Android operating system. As a result of the work involved, the website does currently offer more games, but there are already more than one hundred games that are available for the mobile application. With more being added as they are built for the mobile environments, that number will only continue to rise over time. Also, keep in mind that the games that have yet to be brought to the mobile platform can still be accessed on a mobile device with an HTML5 capable web browser.

Games at Leo Vegas Casino

Even after everything that we have already covered, the most important part of an online casino is the games, and Leo Vegas has games in spades. The casino offers titles from heavy hitters in the industry like NetEnt, Betsoft, and Microgaming. There are hundreds of different playable titles on display, ranging from classic slot offerings to the wilder experiences of themed games. The massive spread means that no matter what you are looking for, there will be plenty of games to keep you busy.

In addition to the slots, there are plenty of standard casino games as well. You can enjoy a number of different flavours of blackjack, roulette, and even a few different video poker styles. The live games are a little different from the usual online staples as they work to bring the experience of playing in a physical casino online. But, for those that want to play more than the odds, there are plenty of games to keep you busy.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Leo Vegas Casino

One of the biggest issues with online casinos can be the way that they handle your deposits and your winnings. Inconvenient systems can serve to drag down the entire experience and push otherwise happy players away. Fortunately, Leo Vegas maintains a streamlined system to manage both deposits and withdrawals. To deposit money, the casino accepts the usual credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards, Paysafecard, and Skrill or Neteller online wallets. The deposits are processed as quickly as possible too, so you can get right to playing.

Withdrawals are also made to be straightforward and can be done with all of the same options accepted for deposits – excepting prepaid and Paysafe cards. For those deposit options, you will need to add an additional payment method so that the casino has an account that they can deposit your winnings into. There are no surprises in the system, and all the information you need is both clear and direct.

Getting Help at Leo Vegas Casino

There are some struggles with running an online casino and one of the biggest ones is the fact that their doors never close. As a result of that, Leo Vegas casino’s support line maintains several different methods of contact 24/7. There is a live chat option accessible on the website for immediate assistance, and for longer form questions, an email option that responds within 24 hours. There is a freephone number as well that can be contacted at any time for questions that might be difficult to communicate through text.

Ultimately, Leo Vegas casino makes sure to offer everything you can hope to get at an online casino while providing an active customer support system that is available to answer questions or resolve any issues as they happen.

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