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Review of Moon Games Online Casino  Moon Games obviously makes a major play at the space theme. They do a great job of it, too. They’re About Section is full...

Review of Moon Games Online Casino 

Moon Games obviously makes a major play at the space theme. They do a great job of it, too. They’re About Section is full of clever word play about space and out of this world games. In today’s fiercely competitive casino climate, though, words aren’t enough to convince players to stick around. The casinos themselves have to offer something of substance and then back up that promise with solid games and convenient payment options. Moon Games is a class act in those departments.

While you won’t find a large number of games at this casino, you will find that they take their game selection very seriously. This is perhaps more important than stuffing a website with games just for the sake of saying you’ve got a lot of games. Moon Games prefers the tried and true method of making each game important and special in the grand scheme of things. For example, while some casinos might boast thousands of slot games, Moon Games offers mere dozens. Why? Because they believe in offering only those games that are going to keep their audience captivated, and they’ve got a lot of experience in selecting games that have staying power. You’ll find all the greatest of games on this website.

Their Random Number Generator and the fact that they make it a point to speak candidly about safety and security shows you that they are committed to their consumer base. They’re a reputable online casino that keeps its promises. This means that when you win or lose on here, it’s random. They’re not controlling any part of that in order to get ahead of you or take advantage of you. They go into their procedures in-depth so that you can have confidence while you game with them.

When you visit Moon Games Casino

Welcome to Outer Space. That’s one of the things that springs to mind when you first enter the website. You’re going to see a side bar that is an image of stars and space, which is a nice touch for a casino called Moon Games. Many of their promotions feature imagery of space, too. If you’re a fan of space, you’re going to be a fan of the Moon Games layout. They don’t hold anything back here.

While some people might be tired of the gimmick casinos, just know that Moon Games is one of the few casinos that does back up its theme with some solid games. And it is very hard to get attention in today’s casino race. In all fairness, creators do have to stay creative when they roll out their casinos to the public, and a space themed casino is done very tastefully here.

Free Spins & Bonus at Moon Games Casino

What about those bonuses? Promotions? The great news is that Moon Games has frequently updated promotions and bonuses. Their Welcome package holds up nicely with even the best in the business. You’ll get many reload bonuses as well. The specifics of each bonus changes somewhat with time but expect free spins, free bets, and at times, a no deposit bonus that still has a cash out minimum. A no deposit bonus and space imagery is enough to make this a really interesting casino to visit and maintain an account at. It’s just plain fun.

Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years, so it’s no surprise that Moon Games uses social media to try to get some publicity for itself. If you share your love of Moon Games on Twitter or Facebook, you stand to gain some more rewards. See the specifics for more details.

Moon Games Casino in the Mobile

Don’t expect to find a mobile app for Moon Games. It doesn’t exist. It says right at the bottom of the page that one of their strengths is that they don’t require a download. You don’t have to download anything to play the PC version and you don’t have to download anything to play the mobile version. All you have to do is go to your mobile phone browser and open up moon games. That leaves plenty of room for you to enjoy some gaming in space.

Games at Moon Games Casino

There is a more limited selection at Moon Games than at other casinos like 888. You’re not going to get thousands of games here. What you get is a modest 200 games that are selected for quality. That means that someone carefully went through today’s greatest games and selected these 200 games to be the centerpiece of their website. That means you can have a lot of confidence that the games are going to be no-filler games.

There’s a Play for Free section that has Starburst slots, Cleopatra slots, and even Southpark Slots, a relatively new game that will be a great thrill for Southpark enthusiasts. If you’re not into that, there are random games like Fruit Basket and Hollywood Stars that mix things up with their variety. Classic casino games are represented in limited quantity, but the versions of Roulette, Blackjack, and Video Poker that do exist here are more than enough for the over half a million players who frequent Moon Games. That many players on these games shows the nice quality of the game selection.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Moon Games Casino

Transactions for deposits and withdrawals are handled by phone during a set number of hours during the day. There is also a very lengthy terms and conditions to go along with their deposit and withdrawal section, so be advised to read through that before signing up. They accept standard methods of payment like Wire Transfer, Paysafe, and Paypal, as well as their favourite credit card Visa.

Getting Help at Moon Games

Before contacting support with any issue, it’s wise to look through their Help Section which can easily be accessed through a tab on the right side of Moon Games. If you have questions about free spins, free bets, or a deposit bonus, or just want to leave a comment for the operators, then you can do so via phone, email, or Live Chat. Live Chat has become an especially popular way for gamers to communicate with their favorite casinos. It’s more convenient than picking up a phone to dial while not making you wait like email.

Some things can only be handled by phone, so it’s nice to know that Moon Games does make its phone number available in the Help Section. You’ll find their customer service to be incredibly friendly and eager to help you with any and all issues.

Moon Games is definitely a gimmick casino but they do it up right and tastefully. There’s nothing too offensive to find within the gimmick and since it’s done right, it actually adds to the fun atmosphere of the website. You’ll find their site easy to use, their games very well-organised and easy to navigate, and their number of free games is something to be very happy about. This is a very small casino compared to some others, but they offer big fun always.

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