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The Poltava Flames of War slot game was released by Swedish design company ELK Studios in June 2016. Flames of War is based on the Battle of Poltava. The Battle of Poltava was fought by the Swedish and Russian armies in June 1709. Peter The Great led Russia to victory at Poltava, which ultimately led to Russia winning the Great Northern War. The Poltava Flames of War slot game gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes and free spins by changing the outcome of the battle.

Game Play:

Poltava is a video slot game that features five reels with 40 pay-lines. Players win by matching images on each pay-line”.

The main images are cards that range 10-Ace. There is of course also a wild symbol which is represented by the game’s logo. The game also has special images representing Combat Arms. There are three Combat Arms in the games:

  • Infantry – represented by a picture of a soldier;
  • Cavalry – represented by a picture of a horse and
  • Artillery – represented by a picture of a cannon.

The Combat Arms images are extremely important to the game because their appearance offers players the opportunity to win free spins. Any time a player gets four matching Combat Arms symbols on a reel, the game’s Marching Reels feature is activated. When the Marching Reels feature comes into play, players receive a free spin. If the free spin results in adding an additional Combat Arms symbol match to the right of the original Combat Arms matches, the player receives an additional spin. Higher payouts can also be won if a match of four higher ranked Combat Arms symbols appear during the extra spins.

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The Poltava Flames of War game also features a lion symbol. When three lion symbols appear, they become Sticky Wilds and the Flames of War feature is activated. During the Flames of War game, players receive three free spins. If additional lions appear during Flames of War they become Sticky Wilds and activate additional spins. The wild symbol cannot be used to match the game’s lion symbol.

Players win prizes ranging from 25 coins to 200 coins for every 100 coins bet by matching various combinations of the game’s symbols. The 200 coin top prize is won by matching five horse symbols.


Poltava permits players to place bets ranging from 0.20 to 100. The game also allows players to pick between four different betting strategies. Players can activate one of the four strategies once they access the betting console by clicking on the stack of coins icon in the lower left-hand portion of the screen.

Players who use the “Optimizer” strategy elect to have their bets adjusted automatically. Bets for each spin are based on a pre-selected percentage of the player’s game account balance.

Using the “Leveller” strategy raises bets by two levels after every five losses. This strategy continues until the player wins.

The “Booster” strategy raises the player’s bet by one level after each loss. This strategy continues until the player either wins or the bet is raised four levels.

With the “Jumper” strategy, the player’s bet is raised one level after every win. This strategy continues until the player’s bet is raised a total of four levels.

Finally, a player can also elect to not use one of the above strategies, in which case they pick a set amount to bet on each spin.


Poltava Flames of War’s bonus spin structure can be a little difficult to understand until it has been seen in action a few times. But once understood, these bonus features make the game very exciting. In addition, the game has great graphics and a good soundtrack. The game’s biggest drawback is the small range of payouts. But overall Poltava Flames of War is an exciting video slot game with many opportunities to win.

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