Responsible gaming at Casumo

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There have been numerous reports that discuss the negative impacts of gambling.  The gambling experience ought to be fun.  However, most people find themselves in compromising positions thanks to their gambling activities. When a person becomes more than entirely preoccupied with gambling, then there is a problem.

There have been reports that some people develop severe gambling problems that lead them to make questionable financial decisions. At Casumo, there are well-laid strategies that have been put to enable casino players to participate responsibly. One rule of thumb in the gambling industry has always been to quit or take a break from gambling if the fun comes to a halt. Below are some of the strategies laid by Casumo to help its clients manage and be in control of their gambling activities.

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Limiting a person’s gambling activities

At Casumo, players are provided with tools that enable them to put various restrictions on their accounts that keep track of deposits, wagers and even losses made. These limits can be placed on a daily, weekly and also on a monthly basis. For instance, if you put a weekly deposit limit of let’s say £100 to your account. Casumo will keep track of the deposits you make during that week and once you reach the set limit, you are barred from making additional deposits.

Casumo will turn down additional cash deposits the player will intend to make until the week comes to a close where the system is reset allowing the player to be in a position to deposit again. These limits can be used in monitoring wagers placed and losses incurred with the objective of giving the player the stop button if they are spending or losing more than they intend to.

Taking a break

A player at Casumo can take a break for a period of up to six months for whatever reason he/she has that necessarily doesn’t have to deal with responsible gambling. When you do this, your Casumo account becomes temporarily suspended until when your break elapses.


This is an option that can be pursued by casino players who feel that they have been engaging in gambling activities in a frequency that is not healthy. The option of exclusion can usually be extended upon a player’s request. Casumo always recommends players using their services to take a minimum of a six-month break if they feel in any way that they are gambling too much and it has a negative impact on their daily lives.

Spending budget

At Casumo, players can set different spending budgets depending on the cash they have around to take part in casino games. These spending limits can be placed on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. Once you have capped your spending limit at a particular value, Casumo will keep track of your spending within that specified timeframe. For those who put a spending budget of £200 every week, Casumo will reject additional wagers made past the £200 mark during that week.

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