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There are thousands of online casino enthusiasts in the UK and across the globe. While the urge of jumping into the heart of things and spinning a wheel or pushing a button on that slot machine is high, potential players understand that gaming involves gaining and losing. Thus, there is always that innate need to understand the intricate determiners of the game. This post seeks to inform online casino enthusiasts about some of the important intrigues and terms they need to understand. It is an induction of sorts for those wishing to join the game but they are, somehow, hesitant because they aren’t confident about the whole adventure.
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RTP; What Is It?

Return to Player or as is commonly called in short in casino circles; RTP is an indicator of the games payout percentage. It is often one of the first terms you encounter on most online casinos. The indicator is an important signal since it informs the player how much of the money they have bet will be paid back to the betters within a given time-frame. Effectively, then, it means that if the RTP percentage is high, the amount of money that players stand to win over the long term is also high. It’s important to note that RTP is specific to slot machines. It is not uniform across the board. Online casinos also provide an average RTP value of the slot machines under their roof.

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RTP Practical Applications and Its Limits in Online Casino Gaming

While new players tend to over-rely on the statistical projections such as RTP, everyone needs to understand that there is always a point of departure between theoretical analysis and what suffices in the practical realm. To begin with, players need to understand that jackpots are a common occurrence in gaming houses. These are major random wins that often change any pre-existing tools of analysis and predictions. It is also apparent that when such a win occurs so randomly, the amounts of money that are available for players to win over time change significantly. The import of the message here is that after such major wins, there is likely to be a long streak of losses over time; something that may fly in the face of any earlier RTP indications.


RTP and the House Advantage

There are times when the player may be privy to the odds. For example, if a player knows that the house edge on a certain casino table such as Russian roulette gives the house an edge of 5.1%, it follows that the Return to Player percentage would be 100% minus 5.1%. However, these are still statistical figures that must be approached with care

The RTP Percentage versus the Frequency of Payouts

Despite the intricacies of random wins and the house edge, RTP has averagely remained a useful indicator in online casino gaming. It must be understood against the background of its weaknesses such as that the RTP of a game does not signal a player to the number of times they could win. If a slot with an RTP of 98% and a significantly low payout frequency might be eliciting a tendency to allow a winning combo of one over ten. In other words, a player stands to win once in 10 spins of the wheel. The system is dynamic and varying between slot machines. It is also possible to have yet another slot machine with an RTP percentage of 98% and a winning frequency combo of once every three spins as its average. The point is that RTP is slot-machine-specific and can manifest in fairly inconsistent fashion. Therefore, newbies should not read RTP and translate it literally to the stakes of the game. The crux of the matter here is that slot machines that offer higher winning frequencies tend to do so with smaller payouts while those that offer lower frequencies make larger payout amounts.


The Nature of Payouts in Casino Games

While making attempts to understand the intricacies of casino games and how RTP works, players should bear in mind that the figures are derived from thousands of ongoing events. Players must always understand that the aspect of chance is real all the time, and can override all else in terms of statistics and analyses.

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